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Bitumen is a black material which is used in construction and road industry. The other names that are used for this material are Asphalt, Tar and Gilsonite. In the past people used tar in order to seal the hulls of ships and boats. As a matter of fact the sources of Asphalt, Tar and Gilsonite are different. Gilsonite is found  in nature and the source of tar is wood and it’s primarily derived from coal.  On the other hand the source of Bitumen is petroleum.  It is significant to note that there are two kinds of Asphalt, petroleum Asphalt and natural Asphalt (Gilsonite).  The word Asphalt is also used for a mixture of Bitumen and sand that is used for road surfacing.   

Iran is a major Asphalt, tar and Gilsonite supplier in the world.  There are many refineries in Iran that produce pure petroleum asphalt such as Esfahan Refinery, Jey Oil Refinery, Arak and Pasargad Refinery.

How can Asphalt buyers buy Pure Asphalt from Iranian refineries?

There are some companies that supply Asphalt in Iran and export Asphalt or Bitumen for Asphalt buyers all over the world. The Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Company is one of the main Asphalt suppliers in Iran. We can supply Asphalt packed in New Steel Drum or Barrel. We also can supply asphalt in Poly Bags and Jumbo Bags. The available grade of Asphalt are Asphalt grade 60/70, Asphalt grade 80/100, Asphalt grade 85/100, Asphalt grade 40/50, and Asphalt grade 30/40 and so on. More over the Feedar Group is able to export pure bitumen via sea or land at the lowest cost.

If you are looking for Asphalt in drums cost and you require more information about specification of Iranian Asphalt you can contact us via Email or Contact Option on this web site. Feel free to contact us any time.


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