Bitumen Inspection

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Iran Bitumen or Asphalt is a high tech construction material for which the global demand is increasing sharply now days.

The Feedar Group try’s to obtain the satisfaction of its customers by supplying the best Iran bitumen, consequently the Feedar Group works with the biggest Iranian refineries to supply Iranian bitumen with the best quality.  Furthermore the Feedar Group’s factory in the name of Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Co. produces high quality new steel drums to pack bitumen (Asphalt). Now days, bitumen buyers required effective risk management tools on each cargoes, as a result all bitumen cargoes that is supplied by the Feedar Group is inspected by SGS.  These inspections are carried out on the basis of accepted petroleum and petrochemical standards Testing Methods such as: ASTM, API, IP, MPMS, UOP, GOST or EN testing methods and specifications as set out by CEN, ISO or regional and national standards-setting organizations. In case of requested inspection by SGS either at site or at the port of loading, it can be arranged upon request. Inspection also can be done by other inspection agencies such as Geo Chem (Atlas Inspection), B.V. (Bureau Veritas) which have a branch in Iran. Inspection agencies that work with the Feedar Group offer a comprehensive suite of services in the bitumen and asphalt sector including analysis, cargo treatment, sampling and trade inspection.

Some important specifications of bitumen that are inspected by SGS are Penetration,  Melting point, Needle penetration, Hardness, Density, Ductility, Softening point, Flash point and testing drummed bitumen over time to assess batch life time. Feedar Group is also able to help its customers choose the most appropriate standards to use in order to support risk management within transactions. As a result we guarantee the competitiveness, quality and safety of our products, services and equipment.

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