World Exporter of pure Bitumen at best prices. Bitumen origins: Iran – Isfahan, Arak, Shiraz, Tabriz Refineries Available Grades: 60/70, 80/100, 40/50 & 30/40 Packing details: new steel drums, 182kg net weight, 110 drums in one 20′ container Pricing is available on CFR basis according to your destination. Payment Term: On cash basis only through […]

Posted on:1st July 2014

World Exporter of pure Bitumen at best prices.   We are one of the biggest and main exporters of oil products in IRAN, and we are fully equipped to export bitumen and oil products to anywhere in the world. Also,we can supply different grades of bitumen in drums and in poly bags. Bitumen or Asphalt […]

Posted on:30th June 2014

  Technical information for penetration bitumen :     In analyzing the quality of all grades of penetration bitumen , the parameter that stands out from the rest is paraffin wax content . In laboratory testing , paraffin wax tends to crystallize at the temperature of zero degree centigrade . In cold climates ,this will […]

Posted on:30th June 2014

The Feedar Group is an international business group of manufacturing and trading companies whichhave been active in the markets all over the world for about two decades with offices in the Middle East.  Located near the ancient city of Isfahan in Iran, Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Co., produces new steel drums and packs bitumen for export.  […]

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Posted on:29th June 2014

Bitumen Grade 60/70 from Iran Definition: It is a kind of bitumen, which is produced during the process of oxidation of vacuum bottom (the feedstock that is derived from distillation tower in vacuum oil refineries) at bitumen production units, in a manner to set the penetration(hardness of bitumen) point between 60 to 70. Characteristics: . […]

Posted on:28th June 2014