Bitumen Manufacturers

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Bitumen Manufacturers

Bitumen Manufacturers

Bitumen Manufacturers are trying to produce high quality Bitumen in order to earn the satisfaction of their customers. There are lots of Bitumen Manufacturers in the world, who produce various kinds of Bitumen.  Some of these Bitumen Manufacturers are located in Iran.  Iranian Bitumen Manufacturers produce bitumen with the best quality and the best prices for their customers.

Bitumen Manufacturers require vacuum Bottom (V.B.) to produce bitumen.  On the other hand Vacuum Bottom is produced in oil refineries such as the Esfahan refinery, the Shiraz refinery, the Arak refinery and so on.  Bitumen Manufacturers buy V.B. from oil refineries and use V.B. to product Bitumen specifically Bitumen grades 60/70, 80/100 and etc.

Bitumen Packing and Exports:

In order to export bitumen there are different kinds of packings that can be used such as New Steel Drums, Poly Bag and so on.

If you are looking for Bitumen suppliers in order to buy Bitumen, The Feedar Group is the best choice.  The Feedar Group is able to provide high quality Bitumen packed in various containers for its customers.

The Feedar Group can supply bitumen from the best Iranian refineries in many sorts of packings suitable for exports.  The Feedar group has its own factory in order to make drums (new steel drums) and pack bitumen.  The Feedar group uses the best raw material in order to make its products and gain its costumer’s satisfaction as a result.

The Feedar Group has over two decades of experience in the field of exports, especially oil products as well as Bitumen from Iran to all over the world.

More over, if you require more information about The Feedar Group’s products and services you can contact us via email and phone.  Furthermore you can use the contact form in this site in order to submit your request.

We look forward to hearing from you.  


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