Bitumen for sale

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6 Replies to “Bitumen for sale”

  1. Alemayehu Haile

    Am Alemayehu am working commission worker i need company located or being in ethiopia example cirous we need address i have one company to buy 60 70 Bitumen around 30, 000Barell need .so if they have stock in Ethiopia pls call

    • Feedar Esfahan Post author

      Hello Dear,
      You need to provide this information:

      The Grade of the required bitumen
      The Quantity of the bitumen needed
      The kind of packing required
      The port of destination for the cargo to be delivered to
      The term of delivery (CFR, FOB, EX and etc.)
      if you need a quick reply kindly use your company email to send your request.

      Whenever you submit your request the Feedar Group Sale Unit will provide a reply for you as soon as Possible.

      Kindly regards.


    Dear Sir,

    We YODKHAM TRADING IMPORT-EXPORT CO.,LTD in Laos PDR looking for Bitumen as follow.

    1. Asphalt Bitumen AC 80/100 – 500 Mt
    2. Cutback Bituem MC 70 – 200 Mt
    3. Packing in durms
    4. Port of destination CIF BANGKOK PORT, THAILAND


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