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Bitumen grades suppliers

Bitumen Export

Bitumen grades suppliers

There are many grades of bitumen such as bitumen grade 80/100, 60/70, 85/100, 30/40, 40/50 and etc. Bitumen buyers are always looking for bitumen in order to use in the road or construction industry.  They usually need a workable price for certain specifications of bitumen.  On the other hand bitumen suppliers try to prepare up to date information for bitumen buyers. This information may be about the current market price of bitumen, bitumen grade specifications, bitumen manufacturers or packing of bitumen. The Feedar Esfahan Company is one of the major bitumen suppliers in Iran.  We try to providing any bitumen grades for our costumer with the best quality and cost. If you are a real bitumen buyer and you require more information about bitumen specifications, bitumen costs or rates you can send your request for us via email or contact option on this website.

Feedar Group as a bitumen supplier in Iran is able to supply any grade of bitumen from Iranian bitumen refineries with the best quality and price.  Many kinds of packing such as new steel drum, poly bag, Jumbo bag and so on are available based on the bitumen buyer’s request.


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Bitumen grade 60/70 specification

Bitumen grade 80/100 specification

Bitumen grade 85/100 specification

Bitumen grade 30/40 specification

New steel drums specification

Bitumen poly bag

About Feedar Group

Bitumen inspection


Bitumen is a black material which is used in construction and road industry. The other names that are used for this material are Asphalt, Tar and Gilsonite. In the past people used tar in order to seal the hulls of ships and boats. As a matter of fact the sources of Asphalt, Tar and Gilsonite are different. Gilsonite is found  in nature and the source of tar is wood and it’s primarily derived from coal.  On the other hand the source of Bitumen is petroleum.  It is significant to note that there are two kinds of Asphalt, petroleum Asphalt and natural Asphalt (Gilsonite).  The word Asphalt is also used for a mixture of Bitumen and sand that is used for road surfacing.   

Iran is a major Asphalt, tar and Gilsonite supplier in the world.  There are many refineries in Iran that produce pure petroleum asphalt such as Esfahan Refinery, Jey Oil Refinery, Arak and Pasargad Refinery.

How can Asphalt buyers buy Pure Asphalt from Iranian refineries?

There are some companies that supply Asphalt in Iran and export Asphalt or Bitumen for Asphalt buyers all over the world. The Feedar Esfahan Manufacturing Company is one of the main Asphalt suppliers in Iran. We can supply Asphalt packed in New Steel Drum or Barrel. We also can supply asphalt in Poly Bags and Jumbo Bags. The available grade of Asphalt are Asphalt grade 60/70, Asphalt grade 80/100, Asphalt grade 85/100, Asphalt grade 40/50, and Asphalt grade 30/40 and so on. More over the Feedar Group is able to export pure bitumen via sea or land at the lowest cost.

If you are looking for Asphalt in drums cost and you require more information about specification of Iranian Asphalt you can contact us via Email or Contact Option on this web site. Feel free to contact us any time.


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Iran Bitumen Manufacturer

Iran Bitumen Manufacturer, Feedar Group is one of the Best Iranian bitumen (Asphalt, Tar) suppliers and Iran bitumen exporters in Iran with over twenty years of experience. Feedar Group products are different types of  Iranian bitumen fore example: bitumen/Asphalt grades 85/100,60/70, 30/40 ,40/50 and 80/100 other product of Feedar Group is new steel drums (150, 182 and 220 kg net capacity) for bitumen packing and export.

Feedar Group can produce new steel drums with different capacities based on our customer choice and uses for bitumen/asphalt packing and export to throughout the world. Everyone knows that the bitumen/asphalt from refineries of Iran has the best purity and quality for every application in road and construction industry. If you are looking for best bitumen from refineries of Iran for example: The Arak refinery, The Esfahan refinery and The Shiraz refinery Feedar Group is able to help you. Feedar Group can pack any grades of Iran Bitumen based on your choice and export throughout the world.

Packing Iranian Asphalt/bitumen in new steel drums:

Packing is also available based on Feedar Groups customers choice of drums for example drums of 98 cm in height with 180 +\- 3 kg net capacity, drums of 83 cm in height with 150 kg net capacity, new steel drums of 98 cm in height with 220 kg net capacity made from new steel sheets known as standard drums and for land destinations, thicker drums of 1 mm body thickness with 220 kg capacity are also available.

Packing Iranian bitumen/asphalt in poly bags:

Other types of packing is also available for example Iran bitumen/asphalt in poly 30 kgs polybag, which can normally fit about 700 bags per 20’ dry container. Feedar Group can provide its buyers with Iranian bitumen/asphalt in Poly Bags, Used & Reconditioned Drums, Jumbo Bags, Bitutainers and Bulkers. The Feedar Group can supply new in Palletized or break-bulk as required by its buyers.

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Bitumen Supplier & Exporter from Iran, Bitumen 80/100, Bitumen 60/70

New Steel Drum Production

The Feedar Group production factory Includes Production of new steel drums of different sizes and capacities.

Feedar Group Plant products are various kinds of new steel drums with various capacity to pack and export Iran bitumen (Asphalt, Tar) to around the world. The quality of packing is an important factor for export of bitumen (Asphalt, Tar).

Customers require high purity bitumen/asphalt and bitumen/asphalt suppliers will try to do their best! But packing with a low quality can cause leakages leading to financial losses as s a result. 

Factory of Feedar Group is able to produce new steel drums with different capacities based on its customer’s choice and uses for bitumen/Asphalt packing and export throughout the world. Feedar Group are also able to export its customer’s required grade of bitumen/asphalt anywhere in the world.

Factory of Feedar Group tries to make new steel drums without pores. This factory uses the raw material with the best quality and uses steel sheets of Mobarakeh steel company in order to make steel drums.

New steel drum for Iran bitumen packing and export
Brand: Feedar Group
Manufacturer: Feedar Esfahan


New steel drum

New steel drum for bitumen packing


231 kgs Drums for bitumen

231 kgs Drums for bitumen

The specification of 192 kgs Drums for bitumen

The specification of 192 kgs Drums for bitumen

158 kgs Drums for bitumen

158 kgs Drums for bitumen