Bitumen manufacturers in Iran

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Feedar Esfahan Co. is one of the Bitumen manufacturers in Iran

Bitumen Manufacturer, Feedar Esfahan Company is an international company with over two decades of experience in bitumen trading. Feedar Esfahan Company is also able to supply Iranian refineries’ bitumen and export it throughout the world. The head office of Feedar Esfahan placed in Tehran and our factory is located in the ancient city of Esfahan.

The aim of Feedar Esfahan Company is to export various grades of Iran bitumen with the best quality at the lowest cost. In order to achieve this aim, we made our own factory in Esfahan and started to produce new steel drum to packing bitumen and export around the world ten years ago. We use the best raw material to make our packings. Furthermore, we supply our bitumen from the best Iranian refinery such as The Esfahan refinery, The Jey refinery, The Shiraz refinery, The Tabriz refinery, The Tehran refinery and The Arak refinery.

Feedar Esfahan Factory is able to pack any penetration grade bitumen such as bitumen penetration grade 60/70, 80/100, 30/40, 85/100, 40/50 and 50/70. Other grades of bitumen are also available depending on the customer’s request.

New steel drums to pack bitumen are available with various capacities such as 158 kgs drums, 192 kgs drums, and 231 kgs drums. Other capacities are available based on our customers’ requirements. Besides new steel drums, we are able to pack any grade of bitumen penetration in poly bags and jumbo bags. If you are looking for Iran bitumen and you require more information about various kinds of bitumen, their specification and the specifications of various kinds of packings, you can visit the various pages of our website. Furthermore, you can contact us via our contact page or via email and phone.

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Bitumen from Iran
Brand: Feedar Group
Manufacturer: Feedar Esfahan
Model: 60/70, 80/100, 30/40, 40/50, 85/100

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  1. Rajeev t.c

    Dear Sir
    With much pleasure I write to you this.
    I am an individual with shipping engineering back ground.i am setting up an import export company..on enquiring I have developed interest for importing bitumen to India that is inMangalore. Or Kannur
    Provided I get some positive response I wish to go ahead in procuring from Iran and sell in India
    Rajeev t.c


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