Bitumen Products

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Bitumen Products are very useful in the industry as well as everyday life. Every day bitumen products are used in the road and construction industry.

One of the bitumen products is bitumen paint which is used in the painting process of metal products such as bitumen drums. Most bitumen drum manufacturers use bitumen paint in order to paint their products. More over bitumen paint is used in order to prepare flexible waterproof properties in the construction industry.

Insulator sheets are another bitumen product which is used to protect buildings from humidity and wetness, specifically on the roof tops as well as in pools. More over bitumen products are used as insulator for pipes e.g. water pipes, oil pipes and so on.

Asphalt is another bitumen product which is used in order to make roads all over the world. Everyone uses roads every day. Asphalt makes for a good surfacing on roads, this surface is smooth and plain for cars and motorcycles and etc. Bitumen 60/70 is used in the asphalt industry in order to prepare good adhesive between asphalts’mineral materials and the roadsruface.

In addition bitumen products are used in bridges, walls, water channels and etc.

Also there are many products which have bitumen in their formulation such as flexible multi-layered vibration damping materials.

We’ve talked about bitumen products as far, but quality of this productisvery important and the qualityof all bitumen products depends on the quality of the bitumen itself. The Feedar Group is able to supply any grades of bitumen with the best quality and purity for bitumen product manufacturers. The Feedar Group has its own factory in order to pack bitumen and export it to all over the world. If you are a bitumen buyer and you are looking for bitumen and you a require bitumen price list 2015 you can contact the Feedar Group via email ( or contact form and submit your request. Move over you can visit our website.



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