Asphalt/ Bitumen Suppliers

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Feedar Esfahan Company is one of the main Asphalt/Bitumen suppliers in the Middle East. This company has over two decades of experience in the field of Asphalt/Bitumen export from Iran to all over the world. Feedar Esfahan Company can supply different grades of pure bitumen such as Bitumen 60/70, Bitumen 80/100, 85/100, 30/40, 40/50 and so on. The origin of these products are Iran. As a matter of fact the Feedar Esfahan Company is able to supply Bitumen from Iranian refineries such as Arak refinery, Jey Oil refinery, Esfahan refinery, Pasargad refinery and etc. Many Asphalt/Bitumen buyers know the Feedar Esfahan Company and they have cooperated with us on various business deals. The aim of Feedar Esfahan Company is to supply pure Asphalt/Bitumen for its customers.  Feedar Esfahan Company can pack any grade of bitumen in order to export. We have our own drumming factory therefore we can export bitumen in barrels. The Feedar Esfahan drumming factory produces new steel drums/barrels in order to pack bitumen. We can produce barrels with defferent sizes and capacities as a result the cost of bitumen per barrel depends on the capacity of the barrels.

If you are a real Bitumen buyer you can visit the other pages of this site in order to obtain more information about the Feedar Esfahan Company, you can also visit our product page and get more data about our products. You can see the specifications of our drums and bitumen/asphalt on this website. Finally if you decide to buy bitumen from our company you can contact us via Email or Phone or contact option on this website. You are able to submit your request and our workmates in our sale unit will provide a reply for you as soon as possible.

Bitumen origins: Iran – Isfahan, Arak, Shiraz and Tabriz Refineries
Available Grades: 60/70, 80/100, 40/50 & 30/40 
Packing: new steel drumsPoly Bags, Jambo Bags, Bulkers and Bitutainers

Pricing is available on CFR basis according to your destination.

Payment Term: On cash basis only through T/T.


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    Dear Sirs,

    Your kind following BITUMEN price reply is expected and would be highly appreciated.

    1 BITUMEN 50-70 or 60-70, BITBOX Packaging 200 TONS

    Thanks & Kindest Regards,

    Omer Apaydin
    Procurement Chief,

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  2. farhan sikandar

    kindly quote following bitumen price per ton your early reply would be highly appreciated. 1. bitumen 60/70 2 . bitumen 80/100 packing poly bags bulk. regards


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