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Bitumen is a black material that is used in road industry. Bitumen is used as asphalt cement in order to produce hot or cold asphalt. Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen and aggregates that is used in road industry in order to coat road surfaces. Bitumen is used to bind the aggregates together and create a hard surface that is resistant to weather and traffic. Another application for this material is in the field of water proofing. This material can create a water proof surface especially for roof and swimming pools.

The source of bitumen is petroleum and we can find it both in nature or produce it in refineries.Many grades of penetration bitumen are produced in petroleum refineries such as bitumen penetration grade 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 30/40, 40/50, etc.

Some of the biggest bitumen manufacturers, suppliers and exporters are located in Iran.They are able to supply and export any grade of bitumen with the best quality and cost.The Feedar Group is one of the main Iranian bitumen suppliers and bitumen exporter with over two decades of experience.We can supply the best bitumen penetration grade that is packed in new steel drums or poly bags with the best quality and cost. We can supply and export bitumen from Jey oil refinery, Pasargad refinery, Arak refinery, Esfahan refinery, Shiraz refinery and Tehran refinery based on our costumer’s request.

For more information about our services you can visit other pages of this website or you can contact us via the contact option on this link.We will provide a reply to your request as soon as possible and you will be able to select the best product with the best cost.We are able to export bitumen all over the world to any port of destination required by our buyers.  In addition all of our cargoes are inspected by international inspection agencies that have a branch in Iran and their origin country abroad. Pricing is available on CFR basis according to your destination.

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bitumen/aggregate adhesion

The principal factors affecting bitumen/aggregate adhesion in asphalt

Table summarizes  the main factors that influence bitumen/aggregate adhesion.

The principal factors affecting bitumen/aggregate adhesion in asphalt

The principal factors affecting bitumen/aggregate adhesion in asphalt

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Modified Bitumen

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For many years, researchers and development chemists have experimented with modified bitumens, mainly for industrial uses, adding asbestos, special fillers, mineral fibres and rubbers. In the last thirty years many researchers have looked at a wide spectrum of modifying materials for bitumens used in road construction. Table 5.1 details the majority of bitumen modifiers and additives that have been examined.

Table 5.2 contains a summary of some of the modifiers used with bitumens and asphalts in service situations and V indicated where they enhance the performance of asphalt.

For the modifier to be effective and for its use to be both practicable and economic, it must:

  • Be readily available
  • Resist degradation at asphalt mixing temperatures
  • Blend with bitumen
  • Improve resistance to flow at high road temperature without making the bitumen too viscous at mixing and laying temperatures or too stiff or brittle at low road temperatures.
  • Be cost effective

The modifier, when blended with bitumen, should:

  • Maintain its premium properties during storage, application and in service
  • Be capable of being processed by conventional equipment
  • Be physically and chemically stable during storage, application and in service
  • Achieve a coating or spraying viscosity at normal application temperature
some additive used for modify bitumen

some additive used for modify bitumen

benefits of different types of modifier

benefits of different types of modifier

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What is the process of buying bitumen / asphalt from Iran?

Bitumen packing

Export Bitumen & Asphalt

The process of buying bitumen/ asphalt from Iran in particular from The Feedar Esfahan Company is very simple!

If you are a real bitumen buyer, you will be able to buy bitumen from Iran through the following step:

  1. First, visit the Feedar Esfahan website and get more information about Iranian bitumen penetration grades and their specifications.
  2. Then select a grade of bitumen/asphalt based on your request. If you need more information about our products you can contact us via email or the contact option on this website.
  3. When you select your desired product, you can submit your request by the contact option on this website or by email or fax.

You need to provide this information:

  1. The Grade of the required bitumen
  2. The Quantity of the bitumen needed
  3. The kind of packing required
  4. The port of destination for the cargo to be delivered to
  5. The term of delivery (CFR, FOB, EX and etc.)

if you need a quick reply kindly use your company email to send your request.

Whenever you submit your request the Feedar Group Sale Unit will provide a reply for you as soon as Possible.


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