Bitumen MSDS

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Bitumen/Asphalt MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet)

Bitumen/Asphalt is one of the oil refineries’ products which is a combination of heavy Hydrocarbons, Resins and Asphalt materials.

Nowadays, Asphalt is used in the construction industry, especially for road covers.   Moreover Asphalt is used on roof tops s Insulation.

Some Specifications of Bitumen/Asphalt are as follows:

  1. The color of Asphalt is black or brownish
  2. The Specific gravity of the bitumen is 1.02 at 20 0C
  3. The odor of the bitumen is solvent-like odor
  4. The Hazardous combustion products are uncombusted hydrocarbons, Carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, Carbon dioxide and Soot.
  5. The Flash point of bitumen is around 250 0C

First Aid Measures and Safety Information  

Safety information:

  1. Bitumen is generally flammable and should be kept away from fire or flame.
  2. Carbon Dioxide must be use as a Fire Suppressant.
  3. Engineers or  workers who work with Bitumen should use leather gloves, safety goggles and proper clothes and boots  when they are working with hot bitumen.
  4. Temperature of hot bitumen is around 300 0F and it will result in severe skin burns and eye injury.

Bitumen MSDS

First Aid Measures:

  1. Remove contaminated clothes.
  2. Burned skin must be washed with plenty of cold water for 15 minutes immediately.
  3. Don’t use any solvent in order to remove adhesive Bitumen and take immediate medical attention.
Bitumen MSDS

Bitumen MSDS

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