New Steel Drum Production

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The Feedar Group production factory Includes Production of new steel drums of different sizes and capacities.

Feedar Group Plant products are various kinds of new steel drums with various capacity to pack and export Iran bitumen (Asphalt, Tar) to around the world. The quality of packing is an important factor for export of bitumen (Asphalt, Tar).

Customers require high purity bitumen/asphalt and bitumen/asphalt suppliers will try to do their best! But packing with a low quality can cause leakages leading to financial losses as s a result. 

Factory of Feedar Group is able to produce new steel drums with different capacities based on its customer’s choice and uses for bitumen/Asphalt packing and export throughout the world. Feedar Group are also able to export its customer’s required grade of bitumen/asphalt anywhere in the world.

Factory of Feedar Group tries to make new steel drums without pores. This factory uses the raw material with the best quality and uses steel sheets of Mobarakeh steel company in order to make steel drums.

New steel drum for Iran bitumen packing and export
Brand: Feedar Group
Manufacturer: Feedar Esfahan


New steel drum

New steel drum for bitumen packing


231 kgs Drums for bitumen

231 kgs Drums for bitumen

The specification of 192 kgs Drums for bitumen

The specification of 192 kgs Drums for bitumen

158 kgs Drums for bitumen

158 kgs Drums for bitumen

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